About Us...

Members of the board continually take part in the Town of Cochrane community meetings to give a community voice as to what we would like to see in Cochrane and advocate for what we feel as a community is important.

Continuous contact with the bylaw department regarding issues with traffic, parking, pets and the pathway. Communication of issues affecting residents and the community through the newsletters as well as occasional email notes.

Promotion of community spirit through volunteer organized events such the hot dog roast (free for community association members), Halloween and Christmas decorating contests and Candy Cane Lane, which benefits the Cochrane Activettes food bank.

Improvements for common areas such as the addition of garbage cans, entrance upkeep, benches along the pathway, picnic tables, and trees (the Town of Cochrane only maintains our common areas not improves).

  2015 Bow Meadows Community Association Board Members

  • President – Yvette Claveau
  • Treasurer – Jana Lescanec
  • Secretary – Christa Wellman
  • Director of Communications – Tracy Bruins
  • Director of Social Media – Paula Evans
  • Director of Events – Sylvie Roth
  • Director of Membership – Miles Mckee
  • WebSite Design – Ed Pendergrass