Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement – Why do we exist?

To foster a sense of community and well-being for the residents of Bow Meadows

Vision – What is our goal?

For Bow Meadows to be a safe, caring and vibrant community where residents can thrive.

Core Principles

Respect, Community and Inclusiveness

Board of Directors

The board of directors are a community driven team of volunteers dedicated to enriching our community!

Erica Larsen


  • Responsible for the overall supervision of the Association
  • Chairs all Association meetings
  • Acts as the official spokesperson for the Association
  • Correspondence
  • Membership list
  • Membership sales/renewals

Melissa Bonner

Vice President

  • Assists the President 
  • Assumes powers and duties of the President in their absence
  • Communications, Social Media, Website
  • Permit Applications
  • Green Space development and maintenance

Barbra Sykes


  • Maintains financials, expense reports, and insurance
  • Grant applications
  • Sponsorship management 

Peter Devenis


  • Takes and distributes meeting minutes and agenda
  • Document storage and management

Malora Mulhern

Events Director

  • Oversees scheduling and planning of each event
  • Notification of events
  • Recruitment and management of volunteers for events
  • Monitors traffic safety

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