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May 8 – World Red Cross Day

What is World Red Cross Day?
Today we have a reason to smile, because we’re celebrating the Red Cross Movement. We celebrate the values of the Red Cross including, supporting the most vulnerable and strengthening communities. We celebrate showing humanity in the midst of inhumanity. World Red Cross Day is celebrated on May 8th in honour of the man who had a vision that ignited the Red Cross Movement.

How did the Movement come to be?
Henry Dunant was born in Geneva on May 8th, 1828, and he was the man with that vision. In 1859, the spark for that vision occurred in Northern Italy outside of a village in Solferino. Here, the French and Austrian armies were fighting and Henry witnessed the horrors of many soldiers becoming wounded and dying. Henry found the medics could not cope with the wounded soldiers on both sides, so he set up a temporary hospital in a church to help the injured.

What is happening today?
Today, in Canada and around the world, there are 190 National Societies who are working to help the most vulnerable during disasters, strengthen communities’ health and preparedness, and spring into action when conflict arises. A simple vision from over a century ago, to show humanity and to make one another smile in a time of hardship, still lives on today.

To learn more about the Red Cross check out the Canadian Red Cross website!