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Tiny Tiger Gift Shop


Reimar, Nicole and Miles welcome you to our family owned shop with a lot of passion and "Cattitude"! Founded in 2018 and dedicated exclusively to our feline friends, family members and roommates (and their human companions, of course) - we'll bring you a great variety of items. We're always on the hunt for new merchandise, so come back often and see, what's new! After having cats for 10 years since getting our first feline friend Tommy (2008 - 2020) we decided to open a little "cat lover's heaven" in 2018. After In September 2023 we got our real "Tiny Tiger" from the Cochrane Humane Society: Miles, born in 2021. He's our brand ambassador, product tester, office admin and nap specialist - all in one! With passion, pride and great customer service we're happy to present you "Tiny Tiger Gift Shop"! Enjoy, have fun browsing, support a local business and if you have any kind of questions: We're just an email away...



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